Drain Lining

Drain lining projects for clients throughout Dunfermline, Fife

Whether you're based in Dunfermline or any other part of Fife, when it comes to drain lining, Eurojet Scotland is your perfect choice.   

Cost-effective drain pipe repairs

Do you need an affordable and highly efficient way of repairing drain pipes? Patch lining is a great way of carrying out drain pipe repairs with minimum disruption and maximum efficiency. Contact one of our friendly professionals to discuss your options.

The drain lining or patch is covered with resin and mounted on an inflatable tube. It is then inserted into the pipe and inflated over the damaged area. Once the resin has hardened the tube is removed, leaving a strong, durable repair over cracked drains, holes or displaced joints.
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Minimum disruption to you and the environment

If you don't want any disruption to your property or the environment, then patch or drain lining is the way forward. It is a fast and efficient no-dig method for repairing damaged pipework. A big bonus for using no dig technology is that it eliminates the need for costly excavations which could also cause disruption to the area.

It can be used in domestic, industrial and commercial situations highly effectively. It repairs leaking pipes or open joints in pipework and gives you permanent structural repair with excellent flow. Another advantage of drain lining is that it can be used within hours of installation.
Fractured pipes

We can help with

  • Cracked pipes or fractured pipes
  • Open joints or displaced joints
  • Holes in pipework
  • Root intrusion
  • Water infiltration
If you think your property is showing signs of any of the above then contact us today.
If you're in need of drain lining, talk to the team at Eurojet Scotland. We serve customers across Dunfermline, Fife. 
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