Root Removal

Tree root removal for customers in Dunfermline, Fife 

Do you need help to remove overgrown tree roots that are becoming an issue? Call the experts at Eurojet Scotland now. 

Are tree roots disrupting your pipes?

If you think that removing troublesome roots from pipes is far too disruptive - think again. It is a specialist service that requires sophisticated equipment. However, at Eurojet Scotland, we have the latest tools necessary to remove roots with minimum of fuss and no need for excavation.
Septic tanks

What we can do

Once detected, we can use 4,000 PSI lateral cutting equipment to remove heavy tree roots from pipes without the need to dig them up. If you've got any questions or want a free, no-obligation quote, then feel free to contact us today for root removal.

Don't let cracked pipes affect your flow

Pipes can close-up or get blocked easily, causing huge disruption to the flow. These can not only be annoying but harmful as well. Root removal is something that you must have to prevent expensive damage. Roots can get very deep and extensive.

They'll seek out moisture and nutrients from pipes and can cause cracks or open up joints. A root mesh can also develop, trapping fats, oils and grease - causing blockages. If left unattended the damage can be very costly and disruptive but with high-pressure jets, we can fix the problem for you.
Eurojet Scotland offer tree root removal services to clients in Dunfermline and across Fife at affordable prices.
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